Pegasus Conditioning Cubes

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Pegasus Conditioning Cubes are ideal for poor doers or horses and ponies requiring extra condition.
Weight: 20KG
The conditioning cubes are high in protein to help support the development and maintenance of muscle tone and topline. They have added rapeseed oil for non-heating calories and great coat condition. Pegusus conditioning cubes come complete with a comprehensive range of vitamins and minerals to balance the diet when fed at the recommended amount. They can be fed on their own or as part of the hard feed ration.

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Typical Analysis Oil 4% Protein 15% Fibre 12% Ash 7% Vit A iu/kg 10,000 Vit D iu/kg 1,500 Vit E iu/kg 175 Selenium mg/kg 0.3 Copper mg/kg 30 Starch 25% Energy DE (Mj/kg) 11.8
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