Saracen Show Improver Mix

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Saracen Show Improver Mix is an oat free conditioning diet for easy and controlled weight gain that contains EQUI-JEWEL® and "Super-fibres" in the form of alfalfa and soya hulls. The blend of fatty acids from soya oil and EQUI-JEWEL® is effective for skin condition and coat gloss.
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Show Improver Mix contains quality sources of protein for cell renewal, tissue and muscle repair as well as helping to maintain optimum muscle development when fed in conjunction with a suitable exercise regime. The feed also contains optimum levels of soya oil to provide a source of slow release energy (calories) and promote excellent coat condition and gloss. EQUI-JEWEL® increases the calorie density of the ration to support optimum condition on thin horses and poor doers, and due to the lower cereal content, reduces the likelihood of unmanageable behaviour. CONDITIONING AND WEIGHT GAIN MIX, SUITABLE FOR:- Supporting optimum condition, muscle tone and topline development. Preparing horses or ponies for the show ring. Horses and ponies needing stunning coat condition. The ultimate high calorie conditioning diet for easy & controlled weight gain. Stunning coat condition and bloom as a result of high oil levels and a unique inclusion of EQUI-JEWEL®. Oat free formulation. Controlled slow release energy delivered from highly digestible "Super-fibres" for optimum digestive function, which provide calories without risking over exuberant behaviour. Alfalfa based with micronised soya beans & peas providing quality protein sources for topline development. Fully fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

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Lucerne Pellets, Barley Flakes, Soya Hulls, Extruded Barley, Maize Flakes, Molasses, Pea Flakes, Soya Flakes, Rice Bran with Calcium Carbonate (Equi-Jewel®), Soya Oil, Vitamins & Mineral, Yeast, Mixture of flavouring compounds. Nutritional Analysis Oil 7.5% Protein 12.7% Fibre 13.0% Digestible Energy 13.0 MJ/kg Starch 23.0% Vitamin A 16,800 IU/kg Vitamin D 3,000 IU/kg Vitamin E 240 IU/kg Selenium 0.55 mg/kg
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