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LaminTec 5-HT There is a ground breaking new approach in veterinary medicine for managing/preventing chronic symptoms and diseases such as the hoof condition laminitis. This has been developed from investigating the causes of Laminitis. LaminTec 5-HT is a supplement that helps maintain healthy circulatory and physiological systems in the horse.
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Laminitis occurs when changes in blood flow to the hooves results in intense pain and damage. There are many "triggers" for the disease, however no accepted cure making it difficult to prevent or solve. An over weight or obese horse and body imbalances brought about through over-eating are through to be a trigger due to autumn flushes of grass and the change of nutrients and sugars in the grass or a metabolic condition. Seasonal changes in the horse's body can also be a trigger which may make it more susceptible to developing laminitis, especially where the horse has an underlying metabolic condition, e.g. Cushing's disease. Daily supplementation of LaminTec 4-HT can help. There are other treatments for laminitis but LaminTec 5-HT is an innovative equine feed supplement, that helps supports normal circulation to the hoof and its capillary bed and in doing so prevent laminitis. In doing so prevent pain for the horse and lameness.

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