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Flaxbiose is made from the straw of the Flax plant. The straw is processed with the same efficient machinery as Aubiose which like Aubiose means thorough dust extraction.
Weight: 22KG
Flax is a bast fibre like Hemp; this is where fibre is on the outside of the stem. The stem of the Flax plant is much finer than that of Hemp, resulting in a smaller particle size than Hemp. The fibre is separated from the woody inner core after the processing cycle which takes place in France. As with Hemp the fibre is sold into the textile industries. Flaxbiose works well for animals that have a respiratory problem, and is more absorbent than shavings and straw resulting in less mucking out time and less needed. It is a natural product so is biodegradable so very good for your muck heap. Flaxbiose is available in bales each weighing 20 kg and in a unique shaped bale for easier management. Flaxbiose is a brilliant, very low cost alternative to other beddings.

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