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Thunderbrook Base Mix 15kg

Additional Information

Additional Information

INGREDIENTS Stabilised and ground whole linseed, naturally stabilised rice bran, natural fractionated yeast extract, proprietary blend of herbs (fruits, herbs and botanicals), limestone flour, magnesium carbonate, Bioplex minerals, Lysine, Yea-Sacc, Bio-Mos, Natural vitamin E, chelated magnesium, chelated calcium, chelated zinc, chelated copper, chelated selenium, organic extra virgin sesame seed oil, natural vitamin A and D3. Analysis: Oil (24%), Protein (22%), Starch (10%), Sugar (2.8%), Fibre (5.75%), Ash (14%) DE=15.5MJ/kg Total content values (naturally from the ingredients plus added): Vit E (naturally sourced alpha tocopheryl acetate) minimum 1000mg/kg; Vit D3 (naturally sourced) 6000iu/kg, Copper 200mg/kg; Zinc 800mg/kg; Magnesium (including two types of chelate) 1.5%; Calcium (including chelated calcium) 2%; Selenium 1.5mg/kg; Iron (all natural, non added) 95mg/kg; Lysine 2%. We do not use magnesium oxide, magnesium sulphate or copper sulphate in our feeds and supplements. We do not use the four main waste byproducts used to bulk out feeds with 'fibre' including nutritionally improved straw (NIR or chemically treated straw), GM soya hulls, wheatfeed or oatfeed. If you feed Base Mix, please avoid adding these to your horse's diet, to avoid compromising the function of Base Mix. Check the ingredients label. Please avoid straw and straw chaff bedding made from dessicated combined crops (to avoid eating the bedding). Wheat, oat, barley, oilseed rape, miscanthus, hemp, etc are all combinable crops with most now being dessicated to harvest (pre harvest sprayed with weedkiller to kill and dry out the crop). These are sources of potentially very high pesticide residues. Base Mix is tested to ensure minimal pesticide residue.
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Product Weight (in KG): 15
Thunderbrook Basemix - A concentrated balanced base feed. Ideal for all horses of all disciplines. Contains the essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, nucleic acids, natural vitamins, minerals, over 100 anti-oxidants, metabolic cofactors and other micro-nutrients in a form both bioavailable and clean. One 15kg sack contains sufficient feed for a horse in light work for 30 to 60 days.


Why choose ‘Equine Pure Essentials Base Mix’?
No fillers, binders, pelleting agents, preservatives or chemically synthesised micro-nutrients are included

All Ingredients have been carefully sourced to avoid fertiliser, pesticide, herbicide and other chemical treatments, preservatives, mould inhibitors, etc. wherever possible and whilst trying to keep costs low

All Ingredients have been carefully processed to minimise denaturation of the essential macro and micro nutrients

Contains no wheat, wheatfeed, oatfeed, soya, legumes, sugar beet, molasses, alfalfa, soya oil, corn oil, mixed vegetable oil or waste by-products from human oat or wheat food milling and production.

Superior Ratio of beneficial omega-3 polyunsaturates, high oil, high protein, extremely low sugar (2.8%) and starch (10%) feed.

Added prebiotics, probiotics, fruits, herbs and botanicals in generous amounts, providing functional foods to nutritionally support a healthy gut environment
No need to add other supplements such as probiotics, magnesium calmers, oils, etc

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  1. Good Review by Rosie

    Fantastic product that's keping both my grade B showjumper and grade c in tip top condition (Posted on 10/07/2017)

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