About Us

Equi-Box is one of the UK's leading suppliers of equestrian supplements, feed and bedding online.  We understand that your animal’s health and welfare is of paramount importance, therefore we only supply you and your animal with branded products that we know you can trust. 
Horse & Rider

When the time we can spend doing the things we enjoy is precious, why not let Equi-Box take the pressure off.  Simply order online and have your feed, bedding and supplements delivered to either work, home or the stable.  With over 2500 products lines in stock we probably have something to cover every eventuality, if though there is something that you think we should be stocking on our website but currently don’t then let us know.
Pedigree Herefords Show
I founded Equi-Box in 2012 when I identified a niche in the market, for an online retailer specialising in equine feed, bedding and supplements.  We based ourselves on delivering a first class customer service which is something we pride ourselves on.  When not working or raising three young boys, I enjoy showing our herd of pedigree Herefords at local and national shows, and have had considerable success in the short time that we have been showing.  We started in 2005 with 6 cows and a bull and are now up to 25 breeding females.  I do also try and keep fit and have done several triathlons in the last couple of years.