Mark Todd Perfect Balance

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Using only the highest quality ingredients Perfect Balance is low in sugar & starch and high in Precision Equine Protein to support healthy growth and repair. The superior feed technology wet steam extrusion ensures maximum digestibility and high levels of Omega 3 Oils ensures all round health and vitality for healthy skin, a shiny coat and general well-being.
Weight: 15KG
Perfect for: ? Horses and ponies on high fibre diets ? When low starch, low sugar nutrition is required ? Horses on box rest or in light work ? Overweight horses or ponies ? Youngstock and mares in foal ? Barefoot horses or ponies ? When feeding less than recommended levels of other Keyflow feeds Key Points: ? Comprehensive, high spec nutrition that delivers outstanding results ? Perfect springtime nutrition ? Max digestibility is achieved through the advanced feed technology wet steam extrusion ? Extremely versatile, can be fed to a wide range of horses and ponies ? Barefoot friendly ? Feed with chaff/chop as a base or feed to complement the rest of the Keyflow range ? Very economical with a low cost per day to feed

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Contains fully steam extruded vegetableprotein meals, maize, whey, full fat linseed, cold pressed rapeseed oil, vitamins and chelated minerals, biomos. Analysis Energy De (MJ/kg) 13.2 Mj/kg % Protein 22 Oils 7 Fibre 14.5 Salt 1 Starch 15 Sugar 2.5
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