Thunderbrook Slippery Elm (powdered inner bark)1kg

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Slippery Elm used for its gut soothing and nutritive properties.
Weight: 1KG
We find this an incredibly useful botanical and use it in many of our herbal mixes for its gut soothing and nutritive properties, despite its cost. Please note there are two grades available ' this is the finer, higher quality inner bark, and not the coarser, less effective outer bark. (we do not sell the less effective outer bark) The inner bark contains high amounts of mucilage, made up of starch, polysaccharides, and low levels of tannins. When water is added to the powdered bark, the 'slippery' brew is soothing to irritated mucous membranes of the intestinal tract, as well as the throat. An interesting fact ' During the War of 1812, when food was scarce, British soldiers fed their horses on slippery elm bark.

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