Spillers Lite & Lean Balancer

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Spillers Lite Balancer - Low calorie, nutrient dense feed balancer. A balancer can be added to your horse or ponies diet when less than the recommended ration of compound feed is being fed.
Weight: 20KG
Suitable for all good doers and overweight horses and ponies and those prone to laminitis to be fed alongside suitable low calorie compound feed or a forage only diet. Whole cereal free, low starch and sugar non-heating formulation. Contains excellent protein sources rich in essential amino acids often lacking in restricted rations of overweight horses and ponies.

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Wheatfeed, Oatfeed, Sunflower extract, Rice bran, Molasses, Soya bean meal (GM) Calcium carbonate, Vitamin & mineral premix, Lysine, Di calcium phosphate, Grass nuts, Sodium bicarb, FOS, Calcined magnesite, Salt, Methionine. Nutritional Analysis Digestible Energy (MJ/kg) 10.0 Oil (%) 4.8 Protein (%) 15.0 Fibre (%) 17.0 Starch (%) 9.0 Sugar (%) 5.0 Vitamin A (iu/kg) 40,000 Vitamin D (iu/kg) 4000 Vitamin E (iu/kg) 2000 Selenium (mg/kg) 2.0 Copper (mg/kg) 160 Zinc (mg/kg) 600 Lysine (g/kg) 30.0 Calcium (%) 3.0 Phosphorus (%) 1.2 Magnesium (%) 0.6 Biotin (mg/kg) 30.0 Iron (mg/kg) None added Manganese (mg/kg) 160.0
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