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Topspec Stud LITE Balancer

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TopSpec Stud Lite Balancer- TopSpec Stud Lite Feed Balancer is formulated to the best possible specifications, using the highest quality ingredients, and contains optimum amounts of all the nutrients needed to complement forage and allow broodmares and youngstock that are good-doers to reach their maximum potential without becoming overtopped.
Weight: 20KG
TopSpec Stud Lite Feed Balancer is a very palatable 'Non-Heating' low calorie feed that contains a multisupplement including the levels of micronutrients and digestive aids normally only found in high quality specialised supplements. When TopSpec Stud Lite Feed Balancer is fed there is therefore usually no need to add any further supplements. It can be fed alone or mixed with a little chop e.g. TopChop Alfalfa. Using TopSpec Stud Lite Feed Balancer will not promote weight gain. It will facilitate muscle and bone development, greatly improve hoof quality and produce a supple skin with an exceptionally shiny coat. It will also support fertility and milk yield in mares, and good, even growth rates in youngstock. TopSpec Stud Lite Feed Balancer helps to maintain a healthy immune system. TopSpec Stud Lite Feed Balancer can be fed to overtopped foals from around three months as a creep feed prior to weaning. A week after weaning we would normally recommend a gradual change to TopSpec Stud Feed Balancer.

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Typical Nutritional Analysis: Oil % 4.00 Protein % 15.0 Fibre % 17.0 DE MJ/kg 9.1 Starch % 6.5 Calcium % 3.4 Magnesium % 0.4 Vitamin E IU/kg 1,500 Biotin mg/kg 15.0
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