Omega Equine Omega Rice 20kg

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Omega Rice is an extremely palatable, stabilised rice bran and linseed pellet. High in oil, fatty acid omega 3 and limestone, it’s perfect for horses who require optimum condition and additional stamina.


Weight: 20KG

Used normally as a top dress onto your horse’s existing ration, these high calorie pellets are perfect for sale and show preparationfussy feeders or veterans struggling to maintain condition.

Full of valuable nutrients, Omega Rice is a brilliant feed addition because:

  • It provides a rich, natural source of antioxidants, has balanced calcium and phosphorous levels, and has also been fortified with Vitamin E for optimum nutritional health
  • The high levels of omega 3 sustain fantastic coat condition and skin health
  • It is energy dense, yet much of the energy source is in the form of oil. This is a recognised slow-release form of energy, less likely to cause excitable or over exuberant behaviour. It also aids in stamina, allowing hard-working horses to perform for longer
  • The added limestone is a rich source of calcium, supporting both bone growth and overall bone health.


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Composition Rice Bran, Full Fat Linseed Meal, Wheat, Limestone, Sulphite Lie, Vitamin E, Anti-Oxidant Analysis Oil 19.60% Protein 14.25% Fibre 6.6% Ash 11.30% Vitamin E 285mg/kg Copper 15.0mg/kg Digestibe Energy 14.0mj/kg
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