Emerald Green Alfalfa-mazing

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Alfalfa-Mazing pure Alfalfa Chop.
Weight: 15KG
Alfalfa-mazing contains all the key nutrients and vitamins needed for your horse or pony to thrive. Containing exceptional levels of calcium Alfalfa-mazing is the perfect feed for the growth and maintenance of bone strength. Its high protein level promotes muscle growth and repair coupled with Alfalfa-mazing's superior fibre content this helps maintain all-round health and fitness for your horse or pony.

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Protein %18 Fibre %30 Oil %3.5 Ash %9.7 Calcium %1.37 Phosphorous %0.29 Magnesium %0.21 Potassium %1.90 Sodium %0.14 Sulphur %0.35 Cobalt mg/kg0.28 Iodine mg/kg0.49 Copper mg/kg6.90 Iron mg/kg145 Manganese mg/kg25 Molybdenum mg/kg1 Zinc mg/kg22.4 Selenium mg/kg0.14 Vit E iu/kg34 B carotene (Vit A) iu/kg31.2 Digestible Energy mj/kg10.7 Sugar %8.9 Starch5
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