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Grass-tastic is a highly nutritious, palatable chop made from the best quality fescue grass. It is high temperature dried to lock in all the natural goodness fresh grass has to offer, including the irresistible smell! At Emerald Green Feeds we have full control of the growing, harvesting, drying and packaging of our feeds. This means Grass-tastic is a consistently high quality feed.
Weight: 12.5KG
Grass-tastic is an excellent feed for the build up of condition, as well as helping towards a healthy gut, improved coat shine and general well being. The high fibre, low starch make up of Grass-tastic means it provides slow, non fizzy energy release. Grass-tastic contains no other ingredients, just 100% grass. Grass-tastic will take approximately as long to eat as the equivalent weight in hay, meaning boredom is kept at bay, and more importantly this extended chewing period also helps wear the teeth evenly and correctly. It can also be used as a hay replacer for horses/ponies with poor dentition or other dental issues. Equines with poor dentition will find it much easier to consume short chopped feeds as opposed to long stem forage such as hay, so Grass-tastic is a fantastic feed for oldies as well as youngsters and everything in between. Please note:- for horses that struggle to graze due to poor dentition Grass-tastic can be fed up to 2.5kgs (dry weight) per day, per 100kgs of horse. Grass-tastic can be fed by itself or alongside any of the other Emerald Green Feeds products.

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