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Pink Mash• has been scientifically foormulated to support the hind gut health of all horses and ponies. This delicious quick soak mash provides a significant source of highly digestible super fibre combined with the goodness of bedroot and linseed. World renowned probiotics from Protexin® and prebiotics are added to support and stabilise the microbial balance in the hind gut, allowing for more effective fibre fermentation, better feed conversion and general horse health.
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Perfect for: ? All horses and ponies from those in rest to competition / racehorses ? Horses prone to digestive upset and horses that struggle to maintain and build condition ? Those with laminitis and barefoot Key Points: ? Help digestive upset and support exceptional hind gut health ? Extremely palatable ? Virtually No Sugar, very low in Starch ? Protexin® probiotics to increase beneficial Microflora. ? Prebiotics to target and remove unwanted bacteria ? Feed with any diet ' no vitamins and minerals to cause imbalance ? Soaks in 5-10 minutes ? Can be used for partial hay/forage replacement and to restore hydration ? Gastric Health Support ? Laminitis Safe ? Ulcer Friendly ? Contains beetroot for antiooxidents and muscle function ? Contains micronised linseed for omega 3 balance Why Pink Mash• is Heaven for the Hindgut: 35% Fibre. Highly-digestible. Suitable for fussy feeders due to its palatability. Contains beetroot to support muscle function. Virtually no sugar (0.5%). Low starch to maintain gastric, muscular and digestive health. Suitable for horses with ulcers or those prone to colic. Contains high-levels of Protexin® Probiotic to stabilise and support hindgut health. Feed with any diet ' no vitamins and minerals means there is no risk of imbalance. Soaks in 5-10 minutes. Great for senior horses that struggle to chew.

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Soya hull super fibre, Dried Beetroot, Micronised Linseed, Protexin, Probiotics and Prebiotics. Analysis Energy De (MJ/kg) 9 Mj/kg % Protein 12% Oils 3.5% Fibre 36% Sugar >2% Starch >2% Ash 5 NUTRIENTPER KILO Calcium 5 g Phosphorus 1.8 g Manganese 23 mg Copper 14 mg Zinc 59 mg Sodium 4.3g Magnesium 2.68g Potassium 11.34g Iron 3 mg
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