Mollichaff Herbal

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Mollichaff Herbal - A high quality chaff made from the best oat straw with the addition of a variety of herbs found in the horse's natural environment.
Weight: 12.5KG
Contains a balanced mixture of Garlic, Mint, Rosemary and Golden Rod. Garlic is widely thought to aid digestion and maintain a healthy respiratory system as well as being a natural fly repellent. Mint improves palatability and is thought to help maintain a healthy respiratory and digestive system. Rosemary and Golden Rod are both thought to stimulate the appetite. Contains a light dressing of molasses. Contains added limestone to provide additional calcium for strong bones and healthy growth. Contains no artificial flavours.

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Typical analysis Energy MJ/kg 7.5 Protein % 4.0 - 6.5 Crude Fibre % 24 Oil % 0.8 Ash % 9.5 Calcium % 1.0 Phosphorus % 0.2 Sodium % 0.2 Potassium % 1.9 Magnesium g/kg 2.4 Vitamin A iu/kg None added Vitamin D iu/kg None added Vitamin E mg/kg None added Vitamin B1 mg/kg None added Vitamin B2 mg/kg None added Vitamin B6 mg/kg None added Vitamin B12 mg/kg None added Folic Acid mg/kg None added Niacin mg/kg None added Pantothenic Acid mg/kg None added Choline Chloride mg/kg None added Selenium mg/kg None added Zinc mg/kg None added Manganese mg/kg None added Iron mg/kg None added Copper mg/kg None added Biotin mg/kg None added Starch % 0.5 Sugar % 15 - 19
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