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SPILLERS® Alfalfa-Pro is a low sugar and starch, fibre and oil blend that can be fed alongside a balancer or traditional compound feed. It can help build condition and slow eating time to support gastric and digestive health.
Weight: 20KG
The fibres in SPILLERS® Alfalfa-Pro are of a softer texture than many other alfalfa based feeds, without sharp stalks that may damage the stomach. They have been specifically blended for slow, moderate and rapid fermentation, which, when combined with the buffering properties of alfalfa and extended eating time, help to maintain complete digestive health. Only the finest British alfalfa, that is high in quality protein and organic minerals, is selected for SPILLERS® Alfalfa-Pro. A high level of rapeseed oil is included with added vitamin E to balance it, to enhance coat shine as well as to provide slow release energy and antioxidant support.

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Alfalfa, Soya hulls (GM), Wheatfeed, Grass nuts, Chopped straw, Molasses, Rapeseed oil, Oatfeed, Calcium carbonate, Soya bean meal (GM), Nutritionally improved straw,Calcined magnesite, Salt, Vitamin E, Lysine Digestible Energy (Mj/kg) 12.5 Oil 10.0% Protein 12.0% Fibre 25.0% Starch 3.5% Sugar 4.5% Vitamin E (iu/kg) 200
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