Thunderbrook Healthy Herbal Chaff 15kg

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A very palatable late cut meadow grass, dried and chopped, with added herbs and a light coating of quality linseed oil. Naturally high fibre and low sugar, yet still smells and tastes great!

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Most grass chaffs on the market are made from grass that is cut regularly like a 'lawn'. This generally results in sweeter, richer more stressed short grass chaff. Healthy Herbal Chaff is made from grass that is only cut twice per year, allowing the grasses and herbs to mature and become more stalky and fibrous in doing so. No molasses! No preservatives!! No Soya!!! No chemical processing with caustic soda to soften the chaff. No added waste byproduct fibre. Thunderbrook's Healthy Herbal Chaff is ideal for mixing with Base Mix to encourage your horse to chew and eat his feed more slowly.

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Dehydrated grass, linseed oil, chamomile flowers and leaves dried, lemon balm dried, mint leaves dried. Sample batch analysis: (Batches may vary slightly*) Crude Protein 13% Oil 2.5% Crude Fibre 30% Ash 10% DE 9.1MJ/kg Copper 12mg/kg Zinc 64mg/kg Selenium 1mg/kg Magnesium 0.16% Calcium 0.83% Iron 450mg/kg *The meadow grass in Healthy Herbal Chaff is supplied from the same farm, but it is cut from over 2,000 acres, so the analysis will vary from cut to cut, and from field to field. Sugar has ranged from 4% - 8%, but tends to average at just under 7%. Starch ranges from 0.5% - 5% , but is normally about 4%. Any natural grown grass product will vary, even the headlands ( around the edges) will vary from the centre of the field. If concerned about sugar and starch levels, always remember to work out the average for the whole diet in a 24 hr period (percentage multiplied by weight fed, not just the percentage!).
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