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TopSpec TopChop Grass is a natural product made from a blend of specially selected, dried, British grasses with a light dressing of soya oil. TopChop Grass contains no added molasses or any other sugar coating.
Weight: 15KG
The formula for TopChop Grass was tested and developed at the Middle Park Equine Research Unit and has been approved by the nutritional team as suitable for all horses and ponies other than those prone to laminitis and that need to lose weight (TopSpec nutritionists recommend TopChop Lite is used for horses and ponies in these circumstances). It is ideal for horses and ponies needing a soft, very palatable chop, perfect for fussy feeders including fit performance horses and elderly horses. TopChop Grass is a high quality chop that can be fed solely with a TopSpec feed balancer or supplement. Additional feed e.g. a TopSpec Blend such as TopSpec CoolCondition cubes, can be added if extra nutrients for work or condition are required. TopChop Grass can be used as a hay replacer, especially for elderly horses struggling to maintain condition as a result of poor dentition reducing their ability to chew hay/haylage. One level Stubbs scoop of TopChop Grass weighs approximately 300 grams. One Stubbs scoop of TopChop Grass takes as long to chew as the equivalent weight of hay, helping to reduce boredom. Mixing feed with chop also reduces the risk of a horse bolting its feed. TopChop Grass is dust-extracted and the grass has been high-temperature dried. These two procedures minimise potential mould, making the chop suitable for horses and ponies with respiratory problems. Always dampen feed if your horse or pony has respiratory problems. TopChop Grass features: - Very palatable, soft grass chop. A high-temperature-dried, blend of British grasses. Lightly coated with soya oil. Does not contain alfalfa. Contains no molasses or any other sugar coating. Contains no preservatives or artificial additives or colourings. Dust-extracted.

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