Gelston Hi-Fibre 20kg

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Hi-Fibre is the later cut ryegrass which has gained higher fibre but lower energy and protein levels. This is ideal for horses in light work but also good for those that are resting or suffer from laminitis.
Weight: 20KG
This is the later harvest of ryegrass. Higher fibre. Moderate protein and energy. Leisure. Resting. Convalescing. Laminitics* *Always seek further advice before feeding. All Gelston Haylage bags and bales are semi-moist and dust free. Each batch of Gelston Haylage undergoes a rigorous quality check usin only acredited laboratories. Each batch is then numbered to ensure traceability. Vets and nutritionists recommend haylage as it helps respiratory disorders caused by dust and mould spores normally found in hay Because of its high energy values, hard feed quantities can be reduced to help lessen costs. Gelston Haylage is bagged in tough polythene bags that can withstand being stored outside. Then new bags are now even easier to handle and they provide a cleaner and healthier environment for both horse and human. The bags weigh approx 20kg to comply with health and safety regulations. Unlike hay, haylage does not need to be soaked (which also reduces the nutritional value of hay). As the grass is sealed, it naturally ferments which enables it to retain upto 90% of its feed value. Palatable and easily digested for all ages of horses and ponies. The bags are sealed in air tight polythene, resistant to UV light. When stored correctly, the haylage can last up to 12 months without any loss of quality. Horses and ponies of all ages will prefer Gelston's sweet smelling, semi-moist haylage All packaging is made from recyclable plastics

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Dry Matter 65-75% Protein 6-9% Fibre 35-43% Phospprous 0.5-1.5g/kg Calcium 2-3g/kg Energy 6-10Mj/kg
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