Horse Hage Green (Ryegrass)

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Horse Hage Green - Ryegrass HorseHage is made from a selection of ryegrasses cut at an earlier stage of growth to provide optimum protein and energy levels.
Weight: 22KG
It is suitable for horses in work or for those that need a little more from their forage to improve weight and condition. Ryegrass HorseHage is great for hunters, heavy horses, young stock and breeding stock. It helps to meet a much greater proportion of their nutritional requirements than other forages, enabling hard feeds to be reduced by up to a third, allowing a more 'natural' diet which the horse's digestive system is designed for.

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HorseHage Typical Nutrient Analysis (dry matter basis)Ryegrass Energy MJ/kg 9-11.5 Protein % 9 ' 12 MAD Fibre % 32 ' 36 Calcium % 0.4 ' 0.6 Phosphorus g/kg 2 ' 3 Beta Carotene mg/kg 100 Vitamin E mg/kg 10 1 Vitamin B1 mg/kg 2.0 Vitamin B2 mg/kg 3.0 Vitamin B6 mg/kg 6.0 Niacin mg/kg 20 Pantothenic Acid mg/kg 15 Folic Acid mg/kg 0.6 Biotin mg/kg 0.06 Dry Matter % 55 Sugar %
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