Horse Hage Red (Lucerne)

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Horse Hage Red - Alfalfa HorseHage contains only alfalfa. Alfalfa is a legume rather than a grass. It has higher levels of protein, digestible fibre, energy, calcium and vitamins than grass.
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The protein content has the optimum balance of amino acids particularly lysine, which is especially important for growth, pregnancy and milk production. Alfalfa HorseHage is produced using the very same methods as our other HorseHage range, which means it has all of the same benefits including being completely dust-free and comes with our 100% quality guarantee. The high nutrient levels of Alfalfa HorseHage also make it suitable for horses in hard work, poor doers, veterans and show horses. Advice should be sought before feeding for advice on suitability and quantity to feed.

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Typical Nutrient Analysis (dry matter basis) Alfalfa Hay Energy MJ/kg 8.5 ' 11 Protein % 12 ' 15 MAD Fibre % 38 ' 42 Calcium % 0.8 ' 1.0 Phosphorus g/kg 2 ' 4 Beta Carotene mg/kg 150 Vitamin E mg/kg 12 Vitamin B1 mg/kg 2.0 Vitamin B2 mg/kg 4.0 Vitamin B6 mg/kg 7.0 Niacin mg/kg 25 Pantothenic Acid mg/kg 15 Folic Acid mg/kg 0.8 Biotin mg/kg 0.075 Dry Matter % 55 Sugar % <5 Starch % 1 ' 2
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