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Horse Hage Purple - Timothy HorseHage, as its name implies, is made from timothy grass which is very similar to the famous Kentucky bluegrass of America. This grass is higher in fibre and lower in protein than many other grasses, making Timothy HorseHage particularly suitable for leisure horses and ponies, native ponies, veterans and horses and ponies that are resting, convalescing or laminitic.

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Timothy has a completely different 'nose' to ryegrass, from which Ryegrass and High Fibre HorseHage are made. It has a very similar nutrient analysis to High Fibre HorseHage and is highly palatable, making it ideal for fussy feeders or simply to add variety to the diets of those already being fed HorseHage. Like High Fibre HorseHage Timothy HorseHage also carries the HoofKind logo, which denotes its suitability for laminitics. The unique fermentation process that the timothy grass undergoes in the production of Timothy HorseHage keeps the sugar and starch levels considerably lower than in other forages. Timothy HorseHage also provides an excellent fibre source for competition horses being fed high levels of concentrate helping to reduce the risk of digestive upset including gastric ulcers.

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HorseHage Timothy Energy MJ/kg 8 ' 10 Protein % 8 ' 9 MAD Fibre % 35 ' 37 Calcium % 0.4 ' 0.6 Phosphorus g/kg 2 ' 3 Beta Carotene mg/kg 50 Vitamin E mg/kg 10 Vitamin B1 mg/kg 2.0 Vitamin B2 mg/kg 3.0 Vitamin B6 mg/kg 6.0 Niacin mg/kg 20 Pantothenic Acid mg/kg 15 Folic Acid mg/kg 0.6 Biotin mg/kg 0.06 Dry Matter % 60 Sugar % <5 Starch % 1 ' 2 The figures represent typical samples. Individual analyses must be undertaken on particular samples for complete accuracy.
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