Baileys Everyday High Fibre Mix

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Baileys Everyday High Fibre Mix is a high fibre, low energy coarse mix that is ideal for horses and ponies at rest and/or in light work.
Weight: 20KG
The natural blend of ingredients used within Baileys Everyday High Fibre Mix includes digestible fibre sources and free from whole oats which help to avoid unnatural behaviour. Also containing an increased level of oil support, healthy skin and a glossy coat the mix is fully balanced with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for overall health and well-being. The perfect all year-round choice for horses and ponies whose energy requirements are considerably low, Everyday Hire Fibre Mix helps to maintain a healthy condition without causing excitability whilst providing straightforward and essential nutrition. Ideal for & Benefits: • Ideal for horse and ponies at rest or in light work • Digestible fibre sources • Uses free from whole oats, helping to avoid unnatural 'fizzy' behaviour • Increased level of oil support • Promotes glossy cost and healthy skin • Perfect year-round choice for ponies and horses

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Oatfeed (by-product from the oat-milling industry), Micronised Barley, Wheatfeed, Micronised Wheat, Nutritionally Improved Oat Straw, Molasses, Micronised Maize, Micronised Peas, Extracted Sunflower Meal, Soya Oil, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Chloride, Vitamins and Minerals, Calcined Magnesite. ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS DIGESTIBLE ENERGY 10MJ/kg PROTEIN 9.5% OIL 4.0% FIBRE 16% ASH 7.5%
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