Rowen Barbary Ready Mash Soft & Soak (BLUE BAG)

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Soft n Soak ReadyMash - High fibre, low energy diet. Fully Balanced.
Weight: 20KG
A complementary fully balanced mash suitable for horses requiring a high fibre, low energy diet. ReadyMash provides all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements required for overall health and vitality whilst helping keep energy levels to a minimum and is suitable for feeding horses & ponies at all ages and activity levels. The high fibre content helps to encourage slow rates of digestion throughout the hind gut providing an excellent source of slow release energy from the structured fibre. This is particularly valuable for horses requiring a diet that is sympathetic on the digestive system. Soya oil is added to help improve coat and skin condition along with the added benefits of Vitem making ReadyMash suitable for everyday feeding.

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Soya Hulls (GM*), Porridge Oats, Micronised Flaked Maize, Micronised Flaked Barley, Molglo Plus, Soya Oil (GM*). (GM* Produced from GM Soya). Nutritional Analysis Digestible Energy 10.00 MJ/Kg Fibre 21.00 % Oil 4.00 % Protein 10.00 % Starch 19.00 % Vitamin A 10000 iu/Kg Vitamin D3 2000 iu/Kg Vitamin E 100 iu/Kg
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