Saracen Horse & Pony Cooling Cubes

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HORSE & PONY COOLING PENCILS are a cost effective, low energy, non heating pencil, suitable for horses and ponies at rest or in light work.
Weight: 20KG
Horse and Pony Cooling Pencils contain quality protein sources to help maintain a healthy immune system, coat and hoof condition, as well as muscle tone and topline. They are also fully fortified with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to support general health. These pencils are soft and easy to chew and therefore very palatable making them suitable for fussy feeders. HORSE & PONY COOLING PENCILS provide a balanced ration of quality protein sources, vitamins and minerals, when fed alongside your horse or pony's normal FEATURES & BENEFITS Non-heating, cereal-grain free formulation. Energy is provided slowly from digestible fibre sources . Produced to a fixed formulation, giving constant nutritional quality. Palatable. Fully fortified with vitamins & minerals. forage ration.

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Oatfeed, Wheatfeed, Sunflower Extract, Molasses, Dried Sugar Beet Pulp, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Chloride, Dicalcium Phosphate, Full Fat Linseed Meal, Vitamins & Minerals, Herbal Mint Garlic Mix. Oil 3.2% Protein 10% Fibre 19% Digestible Energy 11 MJ/kg Starch 12.3% Vitamin A 11,500IU/kg Vitamin D3 1,150 IU/kg Vitamin E 60 IU/kg Selenium 0.30 mg/kg
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