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Keyflow Maestro is the ultimate cool competition feed. It is the product of choice for the world's top competing riders because it delivers long-lasting cool energy and unrivalled critical system support. Utilising the latest advancements in nutritional science, Maestro provides a high spec nutritional package delivered in a highly digestible form. A simple solution to achieve the very best performance from your horse or pony.
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Mark Todd Maestro is a scientifically formulated fully balanced complementary feed for horses and ponies in medium to hard work. Using only the highest quality ingredients, Maestro is manufactured to exacting standards to produce a super premium, highly digestible, low-intake product. Stabilised Rice Bran ensures an easily metabolised source of cool energy, superior digestibility is achieved through the combined use of advanced feed technologies including wet steam extrusion and micronisation and gut health and efficient feed utilisation is achieved from Protexin® and equine specific amino acids. Finally, Omega 3 Oils ensures all round health and vitality for healthy skin, a shiny coat and overall well-being. Perfect for: ? Dressage horses or ponies ? Eventers ? Driving horses or ponies ? Showing horses or ponies ? Hunters ? Where sustained release energy is required Key Points: ? Max digestibility through wet steam extrusion ? A comprehensive highly specced competition mix ? Contains Beetroot ' a natural source of nitrate and antioxidants for muscle function ? Stabilised rice bran provides cool on-demand energy ? Omega 3 rich through the use of cold-pressed rapeseed oil ? High levels of world leading Protexin® Pro-biotic for improved gut health ? Simply feed with chaff or chop ? Can add Key-3 Oil ? Can add Key-Plus when extra condition is required

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Contains micronised grains (including wheat, maize, peas, linseed), beetroot, steam extruded vegetable protein meals and stabilised rice bran, soya hulls, beet shreds, cold pressed rapeseed oil, carrot, vitamins and chelated minerals, biomos and protexin probiotics. Analysis Energy De (MJ/kg) 10.4 Mj/kg % Protein 13.5 Oils 8.4 Fibre 13.5 Salt 0.4 Starch 21 Sugar 2.9
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