Saracen Competition Fit Cubes

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Competition-Fit-Cubes For performance and sport horses needing more energy SUITABLE FOR • Competition Horses & Ponies that need a higher energy requirement for work. • Competition Horses & Ponies with excitable temperaments but need more 'oomph'. • Young horses and ponies starting to move up a training level. • Horses & Ponies with a nervous disposition that need power and stamina.
Weight: 20KG
Competition fit cubes will help to manage those horses that have a more excitable disposition, without compromising on energy generation for performance. The cubes combine fibre and oil sources to provide slow release energy to support stamina and optimise energy metabolism. Digestible fibres help to maintain hydration and normal gut function, combating against the 'tucked' appearance that can occur in performance horses that are frequently travelling and competing. A small cereal inclusion helps to maintain power and presence, as well as promoting natural recovery with the replacement of glycogen post performance. The inclusion of high quality proteins and amino acids helps to support cell, tissue and muscle repair, whilst encouraging the maintenance of topline and muscle definition. Competition Fit Cubes are fully fortified and contain an optimum inclusion of yeast to optimise digestibility, and maximise nutrient absorption. The extensive balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants help to combat free radicals and boost the immune system ensuring that mobility is maintained in every phase and competition. Therefore, making Competition Fit Cubes a must have for every Competition yard. FEATURES & BENEFITS • Utilises a variety of energy pathways to optimise power generation and stamina • Promotes natural recovery with the replacement of glycogen post exercise • 'Super-Fibre' inclusion to support controlled performance • Oil and essential amino acids to maintain skin, coat and peak muscle health • Optimum inclusion of yeast to support digestive tract health • Antioxidant inclusion to combat free radicals optimising muscle efficiency, immune response and recovery post training, competing and travelling • Fully fortified with vitamins and minerals • Fixed formulation providing consistent nutritional quality

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Wheatfeed, Oatfeed, Wheat, Molasses, Soya Bean Meal, Sunflower Extract, Calcium Carbonate, Full Fat Linseed Meal, Sodium Chloride, Vitamins, Soya Oil, Minerals, Yeast, Mixture of flavouring compounds. Oil 4.0% Protein 13.0% Fibre 12.5% Digestible Energy 12.2 MJ/kg Starch 20.0% Vitamin A 11,500 IU/kg Vitamin D3 1,150 IU/kg Vitamin E 260 IU/kg Selenium 0.82 mg/kg
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