Baileys No.10 RaceHorse Mix

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Baileys Racehorse Mix is a palatable, energy dense mix produced to meet the demands of race and performance horses who are in intense work.
Weight: 20KG
Using a combination of best cleaned bruised oats with a blend of micronised cereals helps to provide readily available energy to meet the requirements of anaerobic respiration for horses during periods of fast work. No 10 Racehorse Mix is also essential in providing a readily available source of vital glucose for brain and organ function. Also containing a mix of oils from soya and linseed which help to provide additional non-heating energy, helps to encourage a glycogen sparing effect which contributes to an improvement in stamina and reduces the length of recovery time. Containing high quality protein such as amino acids, the Racehorse Mix by Baileys promotes and supports muscle tone, tissue development and repair, ensuring your horse receives the best possible well-being. Digest Plus prebiotic is also included within the mix, helping to promote a healthy gut which is particularly important to a racehorse during the peak of fitness and at times of stress such as racing and/or travelling. Renowned for its success, Racehorse Mix is known to fuel racehorses to win after win, whether that be on the flat or over jumps. Due to its high energy density means that horses should not be fed by the buck full, a smaller volume will deliver the require energy whilst reducing the risk of overloading the digestive system. Ideal for & Benefits: • Racehorses in moderate to hard work • Those who need fast release energy and power • Trainers who are sourcing high quality and consistency in their feed • Promotes healthy gut • High energy density • Mix of oils from soya and linseed

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Oats (bruised), Micronised Wheat, Soya (Bean) Meal, Molasses, Micronised Maize, Micronised Soya Beans, Micronised Peas, Soya Oil, Distillers' Grains, Dicalcium Phosphate, Cooked Linseed, Soya (Bean) Hulls, Vitamins and Minerals, Calcium Carbonate, Grassmeal, Calcined Magnesite, Sodium Chloride, ScFOS (Digest Plus prebiotic) 2.5g/kg. ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS DIGESTIBLE ENERGY 14MJ/kg PROTEIN 13% OIL 8.5% FIBRE 8% ASH 6% CALCIUM 1% PHOSPHORUS 0.5%
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