Red Mills Conditioning 14% Mix

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A traditional steam cooked barley diet for extra condition with increased protein and oil levels to provide a nutrient dense diet.
Weight: 20KG
Specially formulated in an oat free format this diet can be fed alone or in addition to any of the performance feeds as desired. With its higher protein content this diet can boost intake to compensate for low protein forages, reduced appetites and provide additional amino acids for growing horses.

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Barley flakes (steam cooked), Maize flakes (steam cooked), Wheat flakes (steam cooked), Cane molasses, Soya bean meal (1), Soya (bean) hulls (1), Soya oil (1), Soya (bean) extruded (1), Pea flakes (steam cooked), Soya bean flakes (steam cooked) (1), Wheat, Sunflower seed meal, Wheatfeed, Barley, Calcium carbonate, Mono-dicalcium phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Magnesium oxide (1) produced from genetically modified soya beans. Analytical Constituents Crude Protein14.0% Crude Fibre5.0% Crude Oil & Fats8.0% Crude Ash6.5% Moisture (Max)14.0% Sodium0.25% Chloride0.60% Potassium0.80% Magnesium0.29% Calcium1.00% Phosphorus0.60% Digestible Energy13.4MJDE/kg Nutritional Additives per kg Vitamins E672 Vitamin A12000 iu E671 Vitamin D32000 iu 3a700 Vitamin E300 iu Trace Elements E1 Iron120 mg E2 Iodine1.5 mg E4 Copper60 mg E5 Manganese100 mg E6 Zinc180 mg E8 Selenium0.5 mg
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