Baileys No.18 Prep Mix

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Yearling to three-year-olds, of all breeds, requiring non-heating calories

Youngsters being prepared for the sales or show ring

Young horses in pre/early-training needing to keep a level head

Weight: 20KG

Prep Mix has been specifically developed for growing foals and youngstock which are being prepared for the sales or show ring. It offers a highly palatable all-in-one solution to promoting superb condition, muscle tone and top line whilst providing all the essential nutrients to support growth. The mix is oat-free, with a super fibres and oil for slow release energy with the balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids helping to bring a head-turning shine to the coat. The mix is nutrient dense so a smaller volume delivers the required energy and supporting nutrients without the risk of overloading the digestive system. Small frequent, digestible meals are key to reducing excessive glycaemic response and avoiding starch overload.

Being non-heating and highly digestible, Prep Mix helps avoid exacerbating excitable temperaments and contains yeast culture to stimulate fibre digesting bacteria and promote overall gut health. This is particularly beneficial at times of stress such as weaning and travelling as well as attending shows andsales. Like other products in Baileys Stud Range, Prep Mix can, where necessary, be fed in reduced quantities alongside Stud Balancer to cut down the overall calorie content of the diet whilst maintaining essential nutrient levels.



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Micronised Wheat, Micronised Barley, Soya Bean Meal, Soya Hulls, Molasses, Micronised Soya, Micronised Maize, Soya Oil, Micronised Peas, Alfalfa Meal, Dicalcium Phosphate, Distillers’ Grains, Oatfeed, Sugar Beet Pulp, Calcium Carbonate, Vitamins and Minerals, Micronised Linseed, Whey, Calcined Magnesite, Sodium Chloride, (ScFOS) Digest Plus prebiotic 2.5g/kg, L-Lysine, DL-Methionine Digestible Energy 13.5MJ/kg Protein 15% Oil 6.5% Fibre 7.5% Ash 7.5% Starch 30% Sugar 7%
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