D&H Stud Cubes

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Dodson & Horrell Stud Cubes - Nutritionally balanced cubed rations for broodmares & stallions.
Weight: 20KG
• Key amino acids • Vitamin E supporting fertility and milk quality • Digestive Support • Feeding guidelines:

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Feeding Rate:
Mares Early Pregnancy: 0.5-0.7kg/100kg bodyweight
Mares Late Pregnancy: 0.8-1.2kg/100kg bodyweight
Stallions Light Work: 0.5-0.7kg/100kg bodyweight
Stallions Hard Work: 0.8-1.2kg/100kg bodyweight
Barley, Dehulled Soya Bean Meal, Distiller's Wheat Grains, Extracted Sunflower, Full Fat Linseed, Full Fat Soya, Grass, Molasses, Mannan Oligosaccharides, Salt, Selenium Enriched Yeast, Unmolassed Sugar Beet, Vitamins/Trace Minerals, Wheat, Wheatfeed. Nutritional Analysis: Est. Digestible Energy MJ/kg 12.5 Crude Protein % 15.0 Crude Oils and Fats % 5.0 Crude Fibre % 10.0 Crude Ash % 8.5
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