Keyflow Nurture 18kg

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Keyflow Nurture® Pre-digested Stud Feed has been scientifically formulated by world class equine stud nutritionists to an uncompromising specification. The concentrated hi fibre nuggets are ideal for all equine stud animals who have restricted access to quality pasture as well as any horse who requires high level support for musculature and skeletal development and growth.
Weight: 18KG
Nurture® is molasses free but highly palatable whilst remaining very low in sugar and starch. The feed has been pre-digested by way of steam extrusion for maximum nutrient absorption. Nurture® contains the long chain omega 3 fatty acid DHA which has been shown to support semen motility, mare postpartum recovery as well as foal development and behaviours. The unique protein sources used in Nurture® (EQ Amino Pack) are of the highest quality with an amino acid profile carefully matched to that of the equine ' supporting even, optimal growth and development. Presented in larger hi-fibre, steam extruded nuggets, Nurture® is particularly easy to chew and digest (including for foals) making it easy to pick up when dropped, or if being fed over hay in the field. Perfect for: ? Dry Mares, In-foal Mares and Lactating Mares ? Foals and Weanlings ? Yearlings and Yearling Prep ? 2YO's in pre-training & training ? Stallions ? Any horse which requires musculature development and growth ? Horses that have restricted access to pasture

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Pressure cooked and fully steam extruded fibre & protein meals, (inclu. soya hulls, alfalfa, rapeseed, full fat soya), steam extruded cereal & omega 3 meals (inclu. wheat, rapeseed & linseed), cold pressed rapeseed oil (omega 3), heat stable vitamins & chelated minerals, vegetable source DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Est. DE 23.5 mj/KG Starch 12% Sugars 3.2% Protein 16.5% Oil 7.5% Fibre 20% Ash 9.4% Copper 52 MG/KG Vit A 12,000 IU/kg Vit D 1200 IU/kg Vit E 363 IU/kg
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