Mollichaff Veteran

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Mollichaff Veteran is a high fibre forage mix designed to complement the forage ration where necessary. It contains a balanced blend of dried grass, dried alfalfa and oat straw and is topped with a unique dressing combining linseed and soya oil with a very light dressing of molasses, plus added vitamins and minerals, plant-based antioxidants, mint, nettle, salt and added biotin.
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The high palatability of Mollichaff Veteran makes it ideal for horses and ponies that are unable to consume long forage and require a partial forage replacer. This also makes it extremely appealing to even the fussiest feeders that require an additional forage source. Veteran is also suitable for youngstock. Mollichaff Veteran contains linseed oil which is a rich source of essential fatty acids including Omega 3 which can help in the nutritional maintenance of arthritis and inflammatory skin conditions and help optimize the immune system. Antioxidants from a plant-based source are included to help combat free radicals and maintain your horse in good health. Nettles are naturally high in vitamins and minerals and it is widely thought that this herb is ideal for use in feeds to help in the nutritional maintenance of rheumatism, arthritis and the circulatory system. Mint is commonly used as a digestive aid in horses. Horses also find the aroma and taste of mint to be particularly appealing. Mollichaff Veteran contains added limestone to provide additional calcium for strong bones. Salt provides two important electrolytes ' sodium and chloride. Also contains added biotin for healthy hooves. Veteran contains only natural ingredients.

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Typical analysis Energy MJ/kg 9.0 Protein % 7.8 - 9.0 Crude Fibre % 23 Oil % 4.5 Ash % 10.0 Calcium % 1.3 Phosphorus % 0.2 Sodium % 0.25 Potassium % 1.8 Magnesium g/kg 2.5 Vitamin A iu/kg 5,600 Vitamin D iu/kg 575 Vitamin E mg/kg 50 Vitamin B1 mg/kg 7.5 Vitamin B2 mg/kg 5 Vitamin B6 mg/kg Background levels from forage Vitamin B12 mg/kg Background levels from forage Folic Acid mg/kg Background levels from forage Niacin mg/kg Background levels from forage Pantothenic Acid mg/kg Background levels from forage Choline Chloride mg/kg Background levels from forage Selenium mg/kg 0.2 Zinc mg/kg 50 Manganese mg/kg 50 Iron mg/kg 50 Copper mg/kg 20 Biotin mg/kg 3.0 Starch % 1.5 Sugar % 10.5 - 15.0
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