Hilton Calm & Collected 1ltr
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Hilton Calm & Collected 1ltr

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Hilton Herbs Calm & Collected Gold Tried-and-tested so your horse or pony can be "Calm & Collected"
Weight: 1KG
Herbal supplement for use when a quicker absorption is required to help your horse maintain a calm and healthy balanced nervous system. Often given initially before going onto the dried Calm & Collected for those owners who prefer a dried mix. This tried and tested herbal calmer containing valerian, chamomile and other relaxing herbs will help your horse maintain a calm, healthy and balanced nervous system. We recommend this supplement for tense, nervous, or sensitive horses or ponies, for changes in routine, or for behavioural issues, particularly with young horses. Things which can provoke anxiety or stress include include insufficient turnout (vital for every healthy horse), over-feeding, and excessive workload, especially with young, still maturing animals. Be aware that the herbs can take up to a month to get into your horse or ponies system. If you think your mare's behaviour may be related to her seasons you may consider using our Easy Mare range instead. We would not suggest giving both supplements together.

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Size of horsemls twice daily
Up to 12.2hh 5mls twice daily (10mls)
12.2hh to 14.2hh10mls twice daily (20mls)
14.2hh to 15.2hh 12.5mls twice daily (25mls)
15.2hh to 16.2hh 15mls twice daily (30mls)
16.2hh+15mls to 20mls twice daily (30 to 40mls)
1:3 Tinctures of: Valerian root, Chamomile herb, Vervain herb, Marshmallow root, Hawthorn herb, Meadowsweet herb and Apple Cider Vinegar.
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