NAF 5 Star Instant Magic 3x30ml
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NAF 5 Star Magic Liquid Calmer

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Five Star Instant MAGIC - If your horse becomes tense and anxious when exposed to a specific situation, such as a competition, you need Instant Magic, which offers the effective calming influence of Magic in a fast acting, easy to administer, single shot syringe.
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There are no tricks behind Magic, just sound scientific nutritional and veterinary knowledge, combined with the highest grade ingredients.

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Composition:Magnesium chloride,Magnesium citrate. Additives (per syringe): Sensory: Kawa-Kawa tincture 10.7 ml, St John's wort tincture 5.3 ml, Passiflora incarnata extract 2.6 ml. Analysis: Protein 0.4% Fat 0.2% Ash 7.7% Crude Fibre 2.5% Sodium 1140 mg/kg Magnesium 31500 mg/kg Moisture 73.2%
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