Global Herbs CushPro1 kg
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Global Herbs CushPro1kg

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CushPro's strengthened Vitex Agnus Castus formula offers complete support and comfort.
Weight: 1KG
This tried and tested formula helps to maintain normal hormone levels in the body. CushPro aids normal coat shedding, offers soothing support for laminae and provides essential immune support. CushPro can be used all year round depending on individual requirements. Suitable for all horses and ponies.

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Feed 2 x 25ml level scoops twice daily for an average 500kg horse.
Reduce to half this amount for maintenance levels.
CushPro can be fed throughout the year.
Chaste Berries, Holy Basil, Winter Cherry, Amla, Mango, Guduchi, Herbal Extracts
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