Global Herbs Metabolic Tonic 1kg
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Global Herbs Metabolic Tonic 1kg

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Metabolic Tonic is designed to help your horses body function well, in normal harmony with its environment supporting a healthy, naturally fit life. This brand new formula helps your horse maintain a normal metabolism reducing fat deposits and blood sugar imbalance.


Weight: 1KG

Metabolic Tonic helps your horse maintain a normal metabolism.  The word 'Metabolism' describes how all the chemical reactions in the body work together.  The body's metabolism naturally changes with the time of year and the amount of fat deposits present.  Metabolism may also be affected by unusual environmental conditions and pollution.   The state of the body's metabolism in such conditions affects energy levels, insulin resistance levels, blood glucose stability, fat levels in crest and belly, sensitive laminae, and normal drinking and urination.

Metabolic Tonic is designed to help all the above remain in normal harmony so that your horses can live productive, energetic, fit, and happy lives.

Note: When horses and ponies put on fat for the winter or eat too much at any time of year, the extra fat they gain can naturally release hormone-like chemicals that change the metabolism and make it much easier to lay down more fat and develop large crests.  This change in metabolism may make it possible to become very fat in preparation for winter but also makes such horses very sensitive to rich food.  Horses can also be affected by this situation at any time of year.



  • Maintain normal energy
  • Maintain normal body fat & crest
  • Maintain normal blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Sensitive laminae stability
  • Suitable for long term use


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