D&H Digestive Support 1.5kg
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D&H Digestive Support 1.5kg

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Dodson & Horrell Digestive Support - Complete, high specification, no-mess pelleted supplement for the nutritional maintenance of healthy, efficient digestion, recommended by vets.
Weight: 1.5KG
Formulated especially with your horse's digestive system in mind, Digestive Support provides nutritional and herbal support for the entire digestive system and promotes a normal population of bacteria within the large intestine. Ideal for use in horses and ponies with sensitive digestive systems, those who are undergoing a change of diet or those who need a helping hand during travelling or during periods of change or competition. Live Actisaf yeast probiotic ' promotes a healthy pH and environment within the large intestine. Pre-biotics MOS and FOS ' support a normal balance of micro-organisms within the digestive system. Psyllium seed ' encourages regular and healthy digestive transit. Mint and Fenugreek ' herbal support of normal digestive function.

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Alfalfa, Mannan oligosaccharides (20%), Psyllium seed (12.5%), Fructose oligosaccharides (7.5%), Mint & Fenugreek Nutritional Analysis: Crude Protein % 12.0 Crude Oils and Fats % 3.0 Crude Fibre % 13.0 Crude Ash % 8.0 Sodium % 0.1
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