Hilton Gastri X Digest Formula
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Hilton Gastri X Digest Formula

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Hilton Herbs Gastri X Digest Formula - Helps maintain optimum digestive health - naturally! "Suitable for horses or ponies prone to laminitis"
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A soothing and supportive herbal supplement for horses specifically formulated to maintain a healthy digestive system and Ph balance. When a horse is competing, working at high levels of fitness, travelling or on high protein diets, it may lose condition, appear 'tucked up' or fail to gain condition. On these occasions consider using Gastri X especially if your horse has limited turnout or access to pasture or generally has little opportunity to relax and 'be a horse'. Ideally all healthy horses should have some turnout every day. When horses are put under pressure they may well have difficulty in maintaining a healthy and balanced digestive system and gut health. Please allow at least a month for full benefits to be seen and changes in management may well need to be put in places to avoid re-occurence. We also recommend using Gastri X in conjunction with your regular worming programme.

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Human-grade Slippery Elm, Marshmallow root, Meadowsweet herb, Cramp Bark stem bark, Milk Thistle seed, Liquorice root, Gotu Kola leaf.
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