Horse First Acid Aid 1.5kg

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Acid Aid has been developed to soothe the gastric system and maintain a healthy digestive tract in both horses and ponies. The key ingredients effectively settle excess acid.
Weight: 1.5KG
Acid Aid works by gently soothing and coating your horse's stomach, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day and night. The ingredients complement each other to form a balanced product that helps to maintain healthy acid levels in the stomach. Acid Aid contains no carbonates or bicarbonates, so does not produce gas in the intestinal tract, which might cause discomfort and, possibly, colic. It is designed to aid the normal production of acid so that digestion is not overly disrupted. Acid Aid can help to promote a healthy digestive system in stabled horses with limited access to pasture. It is also recommended for anxious horses when travelling and in stressful situations.

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Key ingredients per scoop: Magnesium Trisilicate 1,250mg Aluminium Hydroxide Gel 625mg Blended on a special base of Whey Powder, Liquorice and Yeast.
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