Thunderbrook Sea Salt 10kg

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Thunderbrook Sea Salt Organic - Organic and human food grade (so good for putting in your kitchen salt mill too!). Extra minerals and electrolytes from the sea, without the anti-caking chemicals such as sodium or potassium ferrocyanide that are added to table salts that you buy in the supermarkets.
Weight: 10KG
Horses will readily seek out and use salt licks if available in their field or stable. Use pure mineral salt licks and avoid those containing molasses, preservatives, artificial flavourings and added chemicals. Thunderbrook also sell Himalayan salt licks (rock salt on a rope) which are ideal for free choice salt licking when suspended in your horse's stable, field shelter, barn, etc. However, many horses are not able to consume sufficient salt from salt lick blocks alone (especially when in heavy work, or during hot weather when your horse will sweat a lot more), so adding free salt to the feed, or available in a separate bowl, will enable your horse to obtain the salt it requires on a day to day basis. Please note: as salt is a cheap ingredient and is also a natural dessicant (it attracts moisture from the surrounding air), we do not add salt to our feeds or supplements (eg Base Mix, etc). Hence, additional salt should be provided to your horse in some form, eg in feed, salt lick, or free choice in a bowl. Nutritionally supports: horses in intense work and competition.

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Organic Sea Salt.
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