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Global Herbs MoveFree

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Global Herbs Movefree Maintenance - The 'Ultimate Joint Supplement' for maintenance.
Weight: 1KG
This economy product enables you to relax knowing that your horse is being fed the best possible way all the time. Most horse owners like to feed a joint supplement to maintain stabiliy in the coming years. Movefree Maintenance can be used at a low level to ensure that owners have complete peace of mind. Combining this product with our high specification GlobalVite formula for minerals and vitamins means that horse owners can concentrate on enjoying their equine activities in the full knowledge that their horse is happy and healthy. GlobalVite is perhaps the highest specification product of its kind and combines very well with Movefree. In addition for general well being it is a good idea to use our 500ml Restore liver support supplement four times yearly at the change of season. In addition our Herbal Vitamin C can be used when the weather turns and you are worried about your horse's health. If your horse is involved in an accident, slips in the field or falls at jump you can be reassured that you can quickly revert to more powerful products such as MovefreePlus, Liquid, TendonEaze and Alphabute to help him or her through.

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Garlic, Ginger, Creat,, Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (MSM), Frankinsence, Kuru, Linseed Meal.
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