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Global Herbs MoveFree Plus

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Global Herbs MoveFree Plus - Maintaining lubrication naturally.
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The ultimate joint supplement. This amazing formula helps your horse to maintain the natural production of top quality joint fluid and tendon sheath fluid. It also helps to maintain normal comfort levels and flexibility. All horses need good quality joint fluid if their joints are to remain healthy, sound and flexible. We describe this feeding with MovefreePlus as being similar to changing the oil in your car. Without an oil change your car will seize up. Without regular renewal of joint fluid a horse's joints stop working well, sometimes click and are more liable to damage. MovefreePlus is a strong formula and can be used short or long term. If your horse is a fussy feeder consider starting with Movefree liquid first. Movefree liquid is excellent support for that all-important lubrication but not quite so strong for maintaining comfort. Movefree Maintenance is similar to MovefreePlus but is a more economical formula to provide for everyday flexibility, joint performance and peace of mind. MovefreePlus also works very well together with other products for an even more dynamic approach. Restore helps MovefreePlus work even more effectively and also helps maintain flexibility. StrongBone is important for maintaining bone strength ' particularly in the hocks. This combination gives impressive results. TendonEaze is important to provide support for the tendons while MovefreePlus helps maintain tendon sheath lubrication. BENEFITS • For full mobility in all equines • For joint support (e.g. hocks, navicular bones, fetlocks, coffins, knees, shoulders) • For serious competition or everyday hacking • Even when you and your vet are not sure where help is needed

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Garlic, Turmeric, Ginger, Frankincense, Methyl Sulphonyl Methane (MSM), Kuru, Linseed Meal.
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