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Global Herbs StrongBone - For really strong joints. At a low level, as a routine supplement to maintain strong joints, especially hocks. For young stock to ensure good skeletal development. In specific situations in any horse as part of a supplement programme designed to support normal joint function. As a food supplement when there has been any damage to the skeletal system. To support healthy milk production in mares.
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The herbs in StrongBone go a long way to ensure a perfect balance between the need for Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorus ' the most important minerals for skeletal development. It is also worthwhile feeding GlobalVite for a source of other key minerals but even diets that are short of Calcium will usually be suitable if StrongBone is added as a food supplement. The herbs in StrongBone work by attaching to minerals in the diet and supporting efficiency and effectiveness in the way they are digesteted. The herbs in StrongBone work very well in supporting strong natural bone growth. It can be used in horses of any age - In the young it can be used to encourage proper skeletal development and in older animals it can be used routinely to ensure that joints remain as strong as possible.

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Edible stemmed vine, Arjuna fruit.
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