Equine America Ventilator Powder
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Equine America Ventilator Powder

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Equine America Ventilator - A natural supplement specially formulated using a unique combination of herbs and natural ingredients to support a clear bronchial system and aid all aspects of respiratory health including the airways and lungs.
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Every stabled horse is at risk of lung irritation whether you have a leisure horse, a competition horse or even a racehorse. Anything that affects the way their lungs work can affect the way they behave or perform on a daily basis. Ventilator has been specially formulated to support a healthy respiratory system.

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For a 500kg horse, per day: For initial 5 days: 28g Thereafter, 14g
For initial 5 days: 28g 14g measure enclosed
Kelp, garlic powder, astragalus, fenugreek seed powder, mullein extract, echinacea, Ascophyllum nodosum, myrrh, nettle, sulphur, elecampane root, gentian, aloe vera, acetic acid, glycerine, oil of eucalyptus.
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