Global Herbs Dust X Liquid

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Global Herbs Dust-X, Dusty stables formula. To assist the horse that can't copy with dusty situations.
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Just like people horses sometimes have a hard time with dusty environments. Sometimes this starts with a mouldy batch of hay or even after your vet has already treated a viral condition effectively. When your horse is no longer so good at coping with dusty situations our traditional formula Dust-X can be a great supplement to feed. Now extra concentrated and more effective You can use Dust-X on its own or in more difficult situations with the product Weez. On its own Dust-X can be used for long term supplementation or for a short period to help when that bad batch of hay appeared by accident without your knowledge. Of course in such situations it is essential to dampen hay or use haylage and change the bedding to a form that does not create dust and extra challenge. BENEFITS • Help with dusty environments.

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Turkey berry, Long pepper, Malabar nut, Liquorice.
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