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Global Herbs Sarc X

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Global Herbs Sarc-Ex - TRIED AND TESTED FOR OVER 10 YEARS. Highly effective in most horses. Health & vitality for the whole body. Immune mainainence product. Calming. Digestive supplement.
Weight: 1KG
Sarc-Ex provides a unique traditional approach. The formulation is specifically designed to help support the immune system in a complete and natural way. Such issues may be closely related to insect bites and scientists are currently trying to clarify how the situation arises. A large proportion of the body's defences are located in the bowels so the first aim is to support the digestive process and make sure bowel lining is as resilient as possible. The next task is to provide a nutritional base which supports the body to effectively fight abnormalities. An 'Echinacea free' product. This product is also good for maintaining calm behaviour and it has an antioxidant type action which helps your horse to feel more relaxed, which again helps the immune system. You may also find when feeding this formula that minor wounds and abrasions will resolve more quickly. Restore liquid and Globalvite are often useful to feed with Sarc-Ex for better results in difficult horses.

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