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Cuppra is the ultimate copper top-up with a multitude of health benefits. It has a high copper availability for coat and conditioning. Give a course of Cuppra if you notice your horse is lacking stamina or if its coat is not looking as healthy as it should.
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Early signs of copper deficiency: • Dull wormy looking coat, off colour with no shine, sometimes leaving the coat with a reddish tinge. • Brown or White spectacles around the eyes. • Lack of performance related to a low red cell count or reoccurring Anaemia. Why does your horse need Copper ? • Vital for the absorption of IRON. • Very important for the enzymes involved in the development of connective tissues like CARTILAGE, tendons and ligaments. • One of the most important minerals required in healthy HOOF growth. • A shortage will lead to abnormal BONE development and brittle bones. • An Essential part of the BLOOD clotting process. FEEDING Add 30ml to the feed daily. Cuppra can also be added to drinking water of horses on grass. Copper should be fed for no longer than a 30 day period at any given time. WARNING: Cooper can be toxic to sheep

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