Equine America Fungatrol No Rinse Body Wash 500ml
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Equine America Fungatrol No Rinse Body Wash 500ml

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Protecting The Skin From Bacteria And Fungus
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The effects that exposure to rain and mud can have on a horse's legs and back are distressing and often very painful. To avoid these problems can mean keeping horses in all winter, but not any more - thanks to The Fungatrol Range! The Fungatrol Range, with its powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients, will protect and condition your horses skin, coat and hooves all year round, combining potent ingredients with a gentle action for amazing results. Fungatrol Shampoo - Washing with water alone can strip the skin of its natural protective oils. Fungatrol Shampoo can be used to wash the whole horse or individual areas, protecting the skin from bacteria and fungus. This powerful lathering shampoo is a great start to the Fungatrol programme. For best results, leave on for 20 mins before rinsing.

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Essential clove bud oil, Pure concentrated ginger, Frankincense essential oil, Coconut
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