Horse Worm Count Kit

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Worm egg count kit to test for infection levels of adult, egg laying redworm and roundworm in equines, including horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. Test kit includes everything you need to take and send a sample including pre-paid voucher(s) for laboratory testing.
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Monitors the Efficiency of your Worming Programme:- Especially in young stock who are vulnerable to worm damage since they have yet to develop the natural resistance of older horses. Minimises the Risk of Resistance. It is only necessary to treat horses with a worm burden higher than 200 eggs per gram as the use of drugs on horses with low levels of infection will speed up development of drug resistance. Helps Protect Existing Medicines:- It is highly unlikely any novel compounds will enter the wormer market in the next 5-10 years. FECs can identify when a horse needs worming instead of relying on guesswork and possibly treating them unnecessarily. Cost Effective. By only using the drugs on horses with a proven high infection, it will save the expense of treating horses that do not require such medication at that time. New Arrivals. New horses joining a yard are often wormed as a matter of routine. FECs can prove the worming history of a previously unknown individual as our regular laboratory reports can act as a "Worming Passport". Environmentally Friendly. The impact of some worming drugs is a cause for concern, as residual activity in the faeces after treatment can kill many insects and invertebrates that live on the pasture. It is important the sample is fresh and tested within 48 hours, to ensure an accurate reading.

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Specimen Pot, Gloves, Pre-paid envelopes easy to understand instructions and vouchers for a full laboratory test.
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